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12 Essential Travel Tips with Baby for Newbie Parents

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travel tips with baby

It is very common for new parents to opt to not travel when they have young babies. Many parents say that travelling with the baby is quite tough. There are so many items to carry along. Babies may also be unsettled when being in an unfamiliar environment. Travelling long distance is especially difficult for new parents. If you are a new parent who has to travel with the young one, then the following travel tips with baby might be able to help to improve the experience.

Travel Tips with Baby

1. Prepare travel documents for baby

Amidst the busy preparations for travelling, parents often forget that their baby needs to have important travel documents. This is especially important if the travel destination is abroad.

Prepare travel documents for baby

You need to prepare the baby’s passport at first. Depending on the destination, the baby (like adults) might need a visa to enter the destination country. Health check is also important to decide whether the baby gets a pass to travel far.

2. Opt for travel schedule that coincides with nap time

There are parents who keep strict nap schedule for their baby. If your baby has designated nap time, it will be better to travel at the time that coincides with it.

Opt for travel schedule that coincides with nap time

This is one travel tips with baby that may not work for everybody because, for example, perhaps the travel schedule for that specific period is not available.

However, you should try your best to obtain a ticket during the baby’s nap time. It will make a lot of difference, particularly during a short trip.

3. Wear baby carrier

Strapping the baby using a carrier is an efficient way to move around quickly. Baby carrier helps to free your hands so that you will be able to hold various travelling items with ease.

Travel tips with baby wear baby carrier

As you may have noticed, during travel time, there might be some unexpected occurrences that force your family to move fast, waiting for the baby to walk fast or having to hold them in your arms will be very troublesome.

4. Carry the baby items into the cabin

When travelling on an airplane, new parents often make mistakes of keeping their baby items in the luggage instead of bringing them into the cabin. It is better to prepare a separate cabin items to keep your baby stuff, so you would not be left grappling for help because your child cries.

Travel tips with baby

The bag must include diapers, disposable wipes, small plastic bags for trash and wet clothes, ointment, extra clothes, blanket, baby food and eating utensils, toys, sunscreen, and hand sanitizer.

5. Check stroller and car seat at the gate

Check stroller and car seat at the gate travel tips with baby

You need to remember to check in your stroller and the car seat at the gate. Usually this would not cost you anything. Checking the stroller and the car seat at the gate will help you to take these items of your hands during travelling (in the case of airplane travel).

6. Try to minimize mobility

One of the most pivotal travel tips with baby is minimizing mobility. No matter how young and strong the parents are, dealing with abundant travel items and fussy baby will definitely be a draining experience if you need to move too often.

Try to minimize mobility

It is better to mobilize mobility while travelling with your baby. This is not the time to stray from your itinerary to explore. You have to stay focus and only move if necessary.

7. Arrange separate boarding

Arrange separate boarding

Parents tend to board on the train or airplane at the same time which might not be an ideal arrangement. It is better if one parent boards onto the vehicle with all the family’s travel items first. The first boarding parent is responsible to set up all the stuff so that the family’s seat will be ready and comfortable for the baby.

8. Ask for available extra space

This particular tip is among the top tier travel tips with baby for more comfortable experience. Right after you are boarding, it will be better to ask the attendant if there are empty seats which your family can sit on.

Ask for available extra space

Usually, the attendant will allow you to switch seats if there are seat availabilities. It actually benefits everyone in the cabin since roomier space often means less fussy baby.

9. Feed during when the plane takes off or lands

You will notice that when travelling with an airplane, the baby will get fussier or even cry during takeoff and landing. The baby experiences discomfort during those periods because of air pressure.

Travel tips with the baby

Parents are recommended to feed the baby when takeoff and landing to minimize such discomfort because when the baby opens the mouth and swallows, the air pressure lessens.

10. Prepare entertainment for the baby

The Baby needs to be entertained during the travel so that they will not become anxious due to the unfamiliar environment. For older kids, parents can download some animated videos or nursery rhymes into their phones that the child can enjoy during travel.

Prepare entertainment for the baby

For younger babies, parents can bring along the toys that they usually play with at home to create a sense of familiarity. The toys should be light and have small dimensions. In addition, it should be easy to clean.

11. Clean up as you go

Another forgettable reminder in the list of travel tips with baby is cleaning up as you go. There is no excuse to leave stains, spilled milk, or trash lying around just because you are occupied with your baby.

Clean up as you go

This task can be very tedious. You should make it a habit to clean up right after you are making a mess. This will help to make the cleaning up task a lot easier.

12. Be flexible

Well-prepared parents may have arranged a complete travel itinerary as well as packing essential items in their bags. However, you should be ready to abandon all those plans if it turns out that reality does not work in your favor.

Flexible travel tips with baby

In this case, you should keep calm and try to think about a passable alternative for your situation. As an example, your baby needs a quick bath but there is no basin to accommodate that, you can use a sink instead to do this task.

These travel tips with baby are compiled based on experience of parents who already attempted to travel with their children. The tips can give you a gist about what to expect and how you can prepare to the best of your ability. Have a pleasant trip with your family!

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Yulina Hi, my name is Yulina, born in Malang, I am a wife who really loves tourism, especially the beach, and loves to cook too. I grew up on the Sumbawa Island, West Nusa Tenggara. I am a writer for this blog, enjoy the story guys.

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