Yulina Hi, my name is Yulina, born in Malang, I am a wife who really loves tourism, especially the beach, and loves to cook too. I grew up on the Sumbawa Island, West Nusa Tenggara. I am a writer for this blog, enjoy the story guys.

The Best Thing About Maui Beach

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Maui Beach

Maui Beach is the best natural beauty in America because it has several points that have very charming views. Maui is also often referred to as the best beach in the world because of its beautiful scenery. You also can find a unique culture here.

It was also named America’s best beach in 1980. This beach is a favorite place for tourists, even world celebrities because there are many places to choose from and all of them are beautiful. The following is a more complete explanation of Maui.

The Beauty of Maui Beach

1. North Coast of Maui

This beach is perfect for those of you who really like marine sports also snorkeling.

North Coast of Maui

This is because Maui has a large area for you to do marine sports. You can find various beaches here, starting from west to east.

You will also be presented with a coastline visible with rocks, and this view can be seen from the Waihe’e Valley to the Kanaha Beach Park.

However, you must be prepared not to get a telephone signal if you visit this area, but you can still enjoy the natural beauty and forget about your phone.

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This part of the coast is usually affected by the wind that leads to the northern waves.

You will also find a suitable place for surfing and a beautiful view of coral reefs so that it can make swimmers and divers enjoy the natural beauty perfectly.

2. Kanaha Beach Park

This beach can be used for those of you who like windsurfing or kiteboarding, this is because this beach usually has loose waves that can be enjoyed for marine sports. You can also do this in the northern part.

Kanaha Beach Park

So, you will still find amazing beach conditions and get a parking lot if you bring a vehicle.

The wind in this place is very stable because it is located on the northern coastline, so it is very safe to be the best sports venue in the world.

It is also what makes this place filled with instructions for water sports. You can also do rentals of a variety of sports equipment if you do not bring it to this location.

Kanaha Beach also has a beautiful view which is equipped with beautiful sparkling sand.

This sand forgets a mixture of nearby mountain lava. This beach also has various ports, so you can go to a vacation club to enjoy your holiday.

3. Spreckelsville area for North Baby Beach

In this area, you will find the best beach in Hawaii. This beach also has a Maui beach hotel that you can choose from according to your needs.

This beach is commonly called a baby beach because it is a special place for residents.

The place is not small, but you will find a sparkling cluster of corals that makes this beach more beautiful and orderly.

The waves and winds on this beach are very stable and calm, so it is not suitable for water sports.

This beach is perfect for children to visit, so they can play safely and comfortably.

Spreckelsville area for North Baby Beach

You have to prepare the closest resort from here because here you will find it difficult to find a bathroom.

4. Baldwin Beach Park

This beach is a favorite place and very popular because of its beauty. You can also find various kinds of beaches and find a large parking lot.

In the Baldwin area, there are a lot of local people who work and make this area a place of rest.

Baldwin beach park

This is because many residents work in Pau Hana, then they gather at sunset and continue their journey back.

You can also find a wide variety of house rentals that can be rented at affordable prices.

If you want to do tanning, you can go out in the sun to make your skin look exotic.

If you like walking around, this place will remind you of Kaanapali beach which has the same beauty.

5. Maui Beach

This beach on the southern part of Maui usually has high marine activity.

maui beach

This is because you will find coastlines eight to ten miles apart, so the area has twenty more beaches that are often the focus of various tourists. If you go to the north of the beach.

You will also find steady waves heading south. On this beach you can use cams to document fun activities. You can also use Maui beach maps to find twenty beautiful beaches, so you can enjoy their beauty.

6. Maalaea and Kealia

This place is National Wildlife which is at the very end of the northern part of Kihei. You can enjoy the 310 long road that leads to the Harbour.

Usually, this place can be a home for tourists.


This place is also known as a mud plain because it forms a pond and there are wetlands that are still intact, so there is a nature reserve in it.

This beach also has the Sugar Kihei line, so you can find clubs or houses that you can visit. You can also find Maui beaches with turtles to educate your family.

7. Kenolio Beach

If you go to the southern part of Sugar Beach, you will find Kenolio Beach which is also known as Kihei Pier.

The local people also have a special nickname for this place as Suda, as you will find shops with that name along the way.

You will also find various kinds of buildings facing the beach, making it very suitable for weddings at this venue.

This beautiful sight will witness how the wedding takes place. You will also find residents who show their skills while showing off their abilities every two weeks.

Kenolio Beach

They usually sail or row from the morning while showing off the culture of their country. You will hear the soothing morning song, this will be divided into several sessions.

The rowing session began with a traditional song to greet the morning sun. This beautiful beach will also make you comfortable because the cool air is free from pollution.

The Maui beach is kind of the best view that you can enjoy all the time. You also can find the other miracle of nature with their local wisdom.

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Yulina Hi, my name is Yulina, born in Malang, I am a wife who really loves tourism, especially the beach, and loves to cook too. I grew up on the Sumbawa Island, West Nusa Tenggara. I am a writer for this blog, enjoy the story guys.

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