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What Family Travel Gear Should You Prepare for the Holiday?

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For many people, traveling with children can be the most fun thing. Indeed, there are a lot of things to prepare, but it pays off with the excitement of traveling later. Many people wonder what family travel gear they should bring on vacation with family and kids.

Family Travel Gear

Now, we will try to discuss some family travel gear that we must prepare.

Family Travel Gear Stroller and Neck Pillow

Strollers are especially important to take for walks with children. My son is 4 years old, and he prefers to walk alone with his backpack. But, sometimes he needs a stroller when he is tired and sleepy. That’s why a stroller is very useful. When it is not used, the stroller can switch functions to store heavy groceries or bags.

Family travel gear Stroller and Neck Pillow

There are many lightweight stroller models today. You can choose a stroller with a neck pillow, so your baby will sleep comfortably. This neck pillow is also quite useful if your child wants to sleep in a car, train, or on a plane.


beach backpack

It’s great to see our child for the first time having his or her own backpack. All the toys, iPad, and snacks are put inside the backpack. But, parents still need to pay attention to the items so that they do not carry heavy stuff that can hurt the child’s shoulders. This backpack can also be used to store several simple items and clothes.

Antiseptic Wet Tissue

Antiseptic wet tissue functions like a hand sanitizer. We can use a wet tissue to wipe down shopping baskets or supermarket trolleys and objects in public places that we have to hold.

Antiseptic wet tissue

Remember, there are a lot of wet tissue products available on the market with no antiseptic properties. Don’t buy the wrong products. You can put the small tissue in your carry-on bag while the large one is stored in your car or traveling suitcase.


It is also important to carry eating utensils when traveling. We do not know whether the cutlery provided by the restaurant or the dining place is cleaned properly or just used by other people. Even if necessary, bring your own straw.

Family travel gear tableware

In online shops, there are now many cutlery sets consisting of stainless steel spoons, forks, chopsticks, and straws. The kit also includes a straw cleaning brush. The price is not too expensive considering its function which can be used repeatedly.

Drink Bottle

When you are traveling, you must drink a lot of water because you will be thirsty so often. Instead of buying mineral water that costs some money, you can bring an empty drink bottle to save money.

Drink bottle beach

Using this drink bottle, you can fill the bottle with some tap water for free. Many spots provide clean tap water for tourists.


A camera is another family travel gear that you also must not forget. You can use the camera to record your activity during the holiday. Nowadays, many people like sharing their experiences with other people through social media.

gobeach camera

Therefore, you have to bring a good camera like a DSLR camera to get better pictures. You should not miss any single moment that you can capture using the camera. If you do not have one, you can also use your mobile phone to record the moment.

Travel Vacuum Bag

A travel vacuum bag also can be a good travel gear because you can use it to store your clothes neatly. So, you can put some items according to their type in one travel vacuum bag. You probably need more than one vacuum back.

Travel vacuum bag

This vacuum bag can also be used to store dirty clothes after you do activities before you take them to the laundry. Or you can use it to store dry clothes thanks to its waterproof feature.


When you go to beaches, you need to protect your skin. So, you should not forget to bring sunblock to avoid skin damage. Sunblock can protect your skin optimally from ultraviolet rays.

family travel gear sunblock

You need it is if you often do activities outdoor under direct sunlight. But, keep in mind that you use sunblock 30 minutes before your skin gets exposed. It is used for maximum skin protection. This item will make you safe while you can enjoy your time.

Shoes and Sandals

When you travel during the holiday, you also must not forget to carry spare shoes and sandals. Why is it important? To suppose you are willing to have a walk during the vacation, sometimes you only need to wear a pair of sandals or shoes.

Shoes and Sandals beach

It will not hurt your feet because you wear the right footwear in different situations. Moreover, since you bring your own footwear, you do have to spend some money to buy a new one.

Baby Travel Gears

In some cases, many people spend their holiday with their babies. This is more challenging than having a vacation with adult people. You need to prepare more travel gear for your baby too.

Baby Travel Gears

In this case, you need several important travel gears for babies such as a portable baby stroller, a baby car seat, diaper bag, baby carrier, baby drink bottles, baby’s milk, an umbrella, and much more. These baby travel gears will help you take care of your baby while you can enjoy your holiday with fun.

Personal Medicine

When you are traveling, you also must not forget to bring family travel gear. Personal medicine is very important just in case there is an incident or health problem.

personal medicine for travel

For instance, if your baby gets a fever during the journey, you can just take the medicine to cure him or her. Some medicines to bring are iodine, aspirin, and much more.

In conclusion, family travel gear is not just important, but it is crucial. It means that you cannot enjoy your journey without bringing the items needed. That’s why you should prepare everything before you go.

Keep in mind, if you have a baby, you probably need more travel gear with a baby. It will more challenging to travel with a baby. You should not forget a baby stroller and baby carrier, so you do not get tired.

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Yulina Hi, my name is Yulina, born in Malang, I am a wife who really loves tourism, especially the beach, and loves to cook too. I grew up on the Sumbawa Island, West Nusa Tenggara. I am a writer for this blog, enjoy the story guys.

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