Yulina Hi, my name is Yulina, born in Malang, I am a wife who really loves tourism, especially the beach, and loves to cook too. I grew up on the Sumbawa Island, West Nusa Tenggara. I am a writer for this blog, enjoy the story guys.

Kauai Beach, The Things You Will Enjoy There

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kauai beach

Kauai beach is the most beautiful part of some islands in Hawaii. But unfortunately this beach is much forgotten or even rarely known by many people. In fact, on this beach tourists can get sunshine to sunbathe comfortably on the big island.

You will also get a paradise-like view with the beautiful blue color of the beach, the charming sound of the waves, and the soothing scent of the sea. This beach is very quiet, so there are some facts that you should know about Kauai.

The Weather and Beach Conditions

1. Rainy

The rainy season on this beach is usually more dominant than the others. Usually, you will find about fifteen days to find the rainy season on this beach.

Hawaiian Beach rainy season

Rainfall on this beach is rather high, so you must know the weather forecast correctly if you want to enjoy the sunset.

However, you do not worry because if it rains, you will enjoy the beach with the smell of rain and rainbows will come.

This is what makes Kauai a fertile place, and has the nickname of a Garden Island because of its beauty. You also can see it in your Hilton.

2. You Will Find the Best View of Nature

You will find the island at the far north, so there is only one place to park the car.

Best view of Nature

This is a good thing, because you can see a very beautiful view of Pahio with the open car, or you can just stay there hanging out in an open space, and you will see from there are the jewels of the forest.

You will see very dense leaves on various trees which make it sensuous, you will also feel the cool air from the forest, even though you are on the beach.

You can also find beach boys working with exotic skins while greeting and providing the best service at their resorts.

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Things You Must Enjoy

1. Culinary Tour

In this place you will feel a variety of unique foods based on its history.

Hawaiian people are usually very passionate about things, so they can cover it with thick mahi. Then they crushed and became a dish in the place.

Hawaiian Culinary Tour

They prepare all the food themselves also at house restaurant, so you have to enjoy it because the spices of the food there will never be found anywhere else.

You can go to the Old City because there is a Big Save Market which provides a variety of foods, if you want to start a culinary.

2. Choose the Drink for Breakfast or Lunch

You should try to drive along the coastal roads, the area is filled with locals of native Hawaiian descent who will serve up a wide variety of drinks at affordable prices.

You will also find beautiful huts and hotel in bright colors that are especially eye-catching.

Drink for Breakfast or Lunch

Usually, the hut will sell a wide variety of very tasty and fresh husks, these can be coffee, coconut milk, cocoa beans, or even very fresh bananas.

You can also find juice shops all over the Kauai beach house

So, you can taste the glass of juices which are very energizing because they are made from parsley, cider vinegar, turmeric, ginger, chard, cakes, kale, celery, and even a chili mixture.

They are all very tasty and some are served as a bowl of smoothies or a fresh salad.

3. Enjoying the Beach without a Surfer

You do not have to be a surfer, if you want to enjoy the beach. This is because you will be spoiled by local teenagers there with cool boogie boarder skills in Poipu.

They have an extraordinary ability to beat the waves, so this is an attraction that you can see while sunbathing.

Enjoying the Kauai Beach without a Surfer

However, if you want to try it, you can go to the beach with calmer waves at Poipu to try surfing or snorkeling.

You can rent tools to enjoy the beauty of the sea with your family or friends.

From here, you can also see the Na Pali cliffs and some villa which are very beautiful, so you can follow the river to the bay.

You can also find other sports such as golf, or mountain climbing starting from the large beach route.

4. Try to Ride a Bike

If you want to enjoy this beach, you can also cycle while exploring its natural beauty.

Kauai has a wide variety of cycling tracks that you can enjoy on a mountain bike. If you like cycling at single speed, you can enjoy the east coast of Kauai.

Ride a Bike at Kauai Beach

If you do not bring a bike here, you can also rent it at an affordable price, but do not worry because you can find bicycle renters easily.

You also will find Kauai beach resort in your way.

If you want to cycle on a paved road, you can go to the north by enjoying the beautiful sea views on the right.

This road is suitable for those of you who like to take pictures and go on picnics to beautiful places.

5. Choose Many Kauai Beach Resorts

You do not need to be confused about choosing where to stay at this place, because this place has many resorts that you can choose via the maps.

You will also be directed to a resort that suits your needs. So, you will enjoy your vacation in peace.

Resort hawaiian

So you can choose a place near the beach or forest and also get local wisdom that is in accordance with the selected area.

Besides, that the hotel can educate you about the culture that exists in the area. You will not get this experience anywhere else, so you have to enjoy it well. 

You also do not need to worry about hotel costs because they are cheap. Many hotels or small resorts still provide unique and luxurious facilities at affordable prices.

Kauai is an interesting and fun place to choose for a vacation or honeymoon.

This is because you will get the best place to enjoy the beauty of nature, so you should try to go there and enjoy some things that can’t be found anywhere else.

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Yulina Hi, my name is Yulina, born in Malang, I am a wife who really loves tourism, especially the beach, and loves to cook too. I grew up on the Sumbawa Island, West Nusa Tenggara. I am a writer for this blog, enjoy the story guys.

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