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Safety Tips for Travelling Alone and Stay Alert Wherever You Go

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safety tips for travelling alone

Solo travel seems to be the exciting activity especially you can go anywhere. Some places and countries are known as the safest from the reliable source. You should pick this one due to safety is not an issue. On the contrary, you want to expand the horizon and see a more interesting destination. The challenge is safety might not be as good as you expect. In this case, safety tips for travelling alone will be useful to know.

Doing solo travel

Solo travel is on the rise after many people share their experience on social media even books. Moreover, many destinations including countries provide accommodation to support this activity. You can obtain information easily from the internet.

Doing solo travel

Moreover, some forums and websites provide ratings including reviews regarding various places. From those references, you decide to do solo travel.

If you are new in this field, start from the nearest location. For example, you are from us and solo travel should be in your own countries. Explore cities and states including some areas for tourists. After that, you are ready for going abroad.

With enough experience, you understand several things such as lodging, money, internet, and few personal tips. Of course, you cannot forget safety tips for travelling alone.

Planning and preparation

Safety starts before reaching destination. You need planning and preparation before doing travel solo. In this case, internet is the best reference and source you must utilize.

With various places to visit, you pick the one that has been known as friendly tourism for solo travel. You conduct research regarding culture, custom, weather, hotel, currency, political situation, and many things. Check travel warning list to ensure you will go to the right place.

Planning and preparation

Planning also includes travel insurances that cover health, injury, and death. After that, you check digital map and explore indirectly from your place.

This activity is necessary to create a route from hotel to several tourist attractions. Moreover, you also plan emergency and escape routes.  Of course, this part is just for precaution.

Safety tips for travelling alone in the destination

You already have a plan and everything in the right place. It is time to go directly, and you implement safety tips for travelling alone. Check the following list for more explanation.

1. Intuition and your gut

If too good to be true, it is not true at all. You do not feel right about something, and it is better to follow your intuition. This is the first thing you must know. When visiting a new place, a person tends to be more alert and aware even from the closest friend. You cannot take any risk.

2. Stay in public

The simple thing to be safe is in the public. You visit the place with a decent amount of tourists. Make sure it is not too crowded but enough to do sightseeing.

In public, the risk is lesser due to security is better and tougher. Moreover, you will receive helps as soon as possible when something unexpected happens.

3. Con game

It is necessary to learn con game that always occurs on tourists. It is also part of trust your intuition.

For example, someone gives you a rose freely. It seems a nice thing to do but hold your hand on your belonging especially wallet. This act is one of the method to distract attention.

4. Sleep and rest well

After reaching the hotel, take your time and sleep as much as possible. Avoid going out with tired body. You will lose focus that brings more risks. Sleep is also important to adjust your condition with the weather and air.

5. Walk in confidence

The next tip is walk in confidence. You can call this one as do what Roman do. Locals can identify the tourists easily. They have distinct attributes and characters.

If the place is specifically for tourism, you do not need to worry. Being tourists is normal because many people have the same experience and feeling.

However, you are in an unknown spot with fewer foreigners. Someone might approach to offer helps. As usual, stay alert unless you know he or she is being honest. The key is you know what to do and where to go.

6. Don’t show expensive things

The most common tip when solo travel is you do not show expensive things. In fact, it is the wisdom that everyone shares from around the world. Avoid wearing something flashy such as jewelry, clothes, smartphone, and gadget. When you do not know how to dress, opt to conservative way. It is the safest thing to do.

7. Keep document and money close

Tourist must prepare documents and money. You keep passport in the hotel and carry copy of document while visiting destination. After that, prepare small bag for smartphone, money, and credit card. You also keep spare money in several pockets.

8. Bring a printable map

Some places do not have sufficient internet, which means you must bring a printable map. You also learn how to use a compass. Add marks on the most important spots. You may print the latest one and buy supplementary reference in the destination.

Extra tips

The next list will include additional safety tips for travelling alone you must know.

solo travel tips
  • Pack light

Bring the most important things you need. If you go for weeks or long holiday, find nearby laundry.

  • Use a VPN

VPN is optional unless you cannot access some websites. It is also useful to encrypt your communication. Extra protection is not a bad thing. Moreover, using VPN is mandatory when you access internet from public Wi-Fi.

  • Be friendly with innkeeper and servers

You must be polite and friendly with innkeeper and servers. They are the people you rely on the most. Give them reasonable tips if necessary. They will provide more than what you expect because you are their best customer.

  • Share itinerary

Today, you can use social media to share itinerary. Let someone know where you go. It does not have to be public but only few trusted friends and family. You also communicate regularly and share the latest location.

Safety is the top priority when you decide to do solo travel. Preventive and precaution measures are far more necessary. You do not want troubles that ruin the holiday. Follow safety tips for travelling alone, and you can enjoy the journey ultimately.

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Yulina Hi, my name is Yulina, born in Malang, I am a wife who really loves tourism, especially the beach, and loves to cook too. I grew up on the Sumbawa Island, West Nusa Tenggara. I am a writer for this blog, enjoy the story guys.

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