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The Beauty of Bom Bom Island and Its Unique Resort

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Bom Bom Island

Bom Bom Island is actually an islet or a tiny island. Where is the location of this small island? This islet is located in the Guinea Gulf. It is near Principe Island’s north coast. Bom Bom is one of São Tomé and Principe’s main islands. This islet is completely forested.

The population found in this islet in 2008 was just 15. The islet has a lighthouse that was built on somewhere in 1997. Its height reaches 64 meters. This island also has a resort for the tourists. In 2012, this islet became a part of the Island of Principe Biosphere Reserve of UNESCO.

Specialty of the Bom Bom Island Africa

This Island of Príncipe’s Biosphere Reserve that was established in 2012 is a Biosphere Reserve of UNESCO that is located in São Tomé and Príncipe. The reserve encompasses all the Príncipe emerged areas, the islets Boné do Jóquei, Bom Bom, Pedra da Galé, Mosteiros, and also the Tinhosas islands.

Specialty of the Bom Bom Island Africa

The reserve’s surface area is 71,592.5 hectares or 26.420 square miles. Those areas are subdivided as the core area, buffer zone, and transition area.

  • The core area is a 17,242.37 hectares area that includes 11,198.55 hectares marine area and 6,043.82 hectares land area.
  • The buffer zone is 11,769.92 hectares which includes 10,323.18 hectares marine area and 1,446.74 hectares land area.
  • The transition area is 42,580.27 hectares area that includes 36,081.76 hectares marine area and 6,498.51 hectares land area.

Bom Bom Island‘s northern half is characterized by the gentle relief. The southern half has a mountain range that is composed of some peaks along with some primary rainforest. Bom Bom is considered as the paradise of Africa. Visit this islet and some other islets around it to see the beauty.

A biosphere reserve here is a home to beautiful biodiversity whether in the terrestrials or in the marine ecosystems. You can see endemism in high rates in many organism groups, especially mollusks, vascular plants, reptiles, bats, birds, and insects.

The tropical forests on this island and other islands around it are home to plant communities in wide range and the habitats of forest shade, tropical forests, lowland riparian habitats, and palm trees. Can I come and visit the islet? Is there any resort to stay?

Bom Bom Island Resort in the Middle of the Forest

Bom Bom Island Resort in the Middle of the Forest

There is an exotic resort you can find here. It is called Bom Bom Principe Resort. The resort is located in Principe Island which can be accessed from the main São Tomé Island by taking a flight that is operated by the STP Airways. Take this 30 minute flight to reach the resort.

You will never regret the trip you take to Príncipe Island by this flight. The plane will fly low right over the water so that you can get a chance to see the mighty whales down there. It will fly slowly in order to keep you feeling comfortable during the trip.

The resort you’re looking for is one the island’s northernmost tip. As you start entering the earth track from the tar road, you will enter Jurassic Park. You can see thick rainforest, big banana leaves, jungle vines, and palms until you can see the Bom Bom islet appear right in front of your eyes.

What makes the resort become a perfect place to stay during your vacation to Bom Bom Island?

The extraordinary entrance

Do you know how to go to the resort? There will be two beaches that join at one point. And then there is a long walkway made of wood that will lead you to a cute small island. Yes, that island is where you can find the restaurant and bar of the resort.

Unique theme of the resort

Unique theme of the resort

Bom Bom Island Resort has 19 rooms. Unlike the standard rooms in most hotels, these rooms are more like wooden cabins. Those rooms are all located along the gorgeous beaches. Some rooms are on the hill while the others are alongside the swimming pool.

Every room has a simple design yet each of them is completed with a private verandah. The main focus of the resort is to show you how beautiful everything out there instead of what you can see inside. The resort will lead you to move outside and explore nature.

After recharging your energy by lying down on the cozy bed, you better start exploring nature. Below is the list of some recommended activities you can do while visiting the island:

Climbing the peak and fishing

Climbing the peak and fishing

Use the boats and jeeps provided by the resort to climb up the volcanic peaks of this island.  You also have to try fishing to get some yellow fin tuna, sailfish, and marlin.


Diving bom bom island

Diving is also a recommended activity to do when you visit this incredible Bom Bom Island. However, the best activity you should not skip when you are visiting this island is watching the turtles and whales. Turtles will come ashore and lay the eggs between September and March.

Carry your torches during the midnight walk along the island’s beach to discover the fresh tracks along with some nest of the newly laid eggs.



This one is my favorite. You should try the snorkeling trip done in the afternoon to a unique deserted beach. On your way back to the resort, you will spot some whales. You really have to get this chance before you leave the resort at the end of your vacation.

After visiting and exploring the marvelous Bom Bom Island, you want to move to Mozambique. It has beautiful sites you are waiting for your visit. In The northeastern area of Mozambique, near Pemba, there is an archipelago you need to explore.

It is called Quirimbas archipelago. Everyone knows you are too excited to get there. But there are things you must know way before you book the flights and accommodation in the Quirimbas. Then you can start making a list of the best things you can do during the trip to Quirimbas archipelago.

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Yulina Hi, my name is Yulina, born in Malang, I am a wife who really loves tourism, especially the beach, and loves to cook too. I grew up on the Sumbawa Island, West Nusa Tenggara. I am a writer for this blog, enjoy the story guys.

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