Yulina Hi, my name is Yulina, born in Malang, I am a wife who really loves tourism, especially the beach, and loves to cook too. I grew up on the Sumbawa Island, West Nusa Tenggara. I am a writer for this blog, enjoy the story guys.

5 The Best Beaches in Bali That Worth Visiting

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best beaches in bali

Bali is widely known as the island of Gods. No wonder there are lots of beautiful and best beaches in Bali. Many tourists are interested in exploring the beauty of Bali in many ways.

Bali’s beaches are just stunning, mesmerizing, scenic, and of course, beautiful. Big waves, peaceful and windy breeze are just a few reasons to visit Bali beaches. Most Bali beaches offer clear waters, impressive landscapes, and various kinds of activities.

Sanur, Nusa Dua, and Kuta are just three out of many beautiful beaches you can find in Bali. The different atmosphere on each beach will give you another great relaxation experience. We have listed some best of the best beaches in Bali that may get you interested.

Have a look!

Kuta Beach

Kuta is one of the most popular and most visited beaches in Bali. It spans around two kilometers of gray and white sand on the western coast of Bali. The beach is on the border of Tuban to the south and Legian to the north.

Kuta Best Beaches in Bali

Regardless of its frantic traffic scene, its distinctive charm attracts many visitors both domestic and international. Thanks to its perfect combination of surf, sand, and sun.

You can start taking a stroll along the shoreline, and you can easily find spots for sunbathing. Another activity you can try is a beach massage. Trust me, it’s so relaxing!

The accommodation ranges from low-priced guesthouses to expensive resorts and hotels. In spite of its urbanized and modern feel around the street, the road of the main beach continues to attract as it offers a charming sunset.

The focal point is in its central section, as you just can cross the street to have a modern shopping, entertainment complex, and dining with lots of modern tenants.

The best time to visit the beach is within the dry season from April to August as it offers great waves with easterly winds.

On the other hand, if you visit the beach during the wet season from October to March, you will find out dangerous waves with westerly winds. Due to the big waves, the beach is very dangerous to swim.

Even though swimming and surfing are the highlight activity at Kuta Beach, you can also try volleyball or soccer in the sunset or in the morning. Along the beach, there are also available surf schools with their beginner lessons both for adults and kids.

Balangan beach

Balangan Beach is located on the Bukit Peninsula in the south of Bali. Locals named it Pantai Balangan.

Balangan Beach best beaches in bali

The beach is known for its surfing crowds. The beach features vegetated limestone cliffs with beautiful golden sand that lie a half-kilometer way.

The coastline is very accessible about 20 km from the main hub of Kuta and 7 km from GWK. The parking fees are cheap, especially, for cars and motorcycles.

The beach is such a surfing paradise among professional surfers. The best time for surfing is during the dry season when the waves reach 3 meters and 500 meters roll.

If you cannot surf, you can enjoy the coast and views of the beach. The exotic limestone cliff covered with pools and rock formation offering a dramatic sunset spot.

Padang Padang Beach

One of the best beaches in Bali is Padang Padang beach. The beach is locally named Pantai Labuan Sait is a popular surf spot located on Bukit Peninsula, in the south of Bali.

Padang padang beach

It is about thirty minutes from Bali international airport and just ten minutes away from Uluwatu.

If you come from Canggu, Seminyak, or Kuta, it takes 1,5 hours to get there/ If you stay in Uluwatu, you can rent a scooter for 50,000 IDR per day and make your own way to explore Padang Padang Beach.

There is no best time to visit Padang Padang as all year round is a good time to visit. However, the best time for suntanning, swimming, and good waves is April to October is.

The characteristic of the beach is just unique as it is surrounded by steep rocks and shady hills. These advantages make tourists are enjoying a visit here as they can spend their time doing some fun activities such as sunbathing and swimming.

The accommodation is easily adjusted based on your budget. If your budget is restricted, avoid staying close to the beach. There are more than 60 hotels and also accommodation near the beach from budget guesthouses to 5-stars hotels.

Jimbaran Bay

Your holiday in Bali will be incomplete without visiting Jimbaran Bay. Its calm waves and soft sands making it as the best beach for a family vacation. You can build your own sandcastle upon the shore.

jimbaran bay beach

How to get Jimbaran Bay? Jimbaran Bay is located on the west coast of Bali. You can reach the beach for about an hour from Legian, Seminyak, and Kuta.

If you are in Uluwatu, it will need 15 minutes to the south. While if you are in Ubud, it needs 2 hours away and 30 minutes away if you are from Nusa Dua.

The accommodation in Jimbaran varies greatly from low-priced hostels to pricey hotels and resorts. The best way to get around the beach is by walking. Otherwise, you can get a taxi if you want to go a little bit further.

Diamond Beach, Nusa Penida

Nusa Penida is widely known as one of the most beautiful places in Bali with so many beautiful tourist attractions and of course, beaches. One of the most stunning beaches in Nusa Penida is Diamond Beach.

nusa penida best beaches in Bali

The beach is untouched with clear blue water and white sands make it perfect to spend your day off.

Diamond beach is somewhat easy to reach by motorbike or car. The location is on the east coast of Nusa Penida island. From Toya Pakeh harbor, it takes about an hour away. Due to narrow roads, riding a motorbike is not recommended though.

There are 2 different parts of the beach, one side has tidal rock pools while the other one has vivid green mossy rocks. The notable rock that shaped a diamond is just beautiful.

Sunrise at the beach is just superb since the beach location faces east. The right time to visit the beach is between March until November. Avoid visiting during the rainy season from December until February.

Now that you already know the best beaches in Bali, it’s your turn to pack your luggage and spend your day off on the island of Gods. Have a great holiday!

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Yulina Hi, my name is Yulina, born in Malang, I am a wife who really loves tourism, especially the beach, and loves to cook too. I grew up on the Sumbawa Island, West Nusa Tenggara. I am a writer for this blog, enjoy the story guys.

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