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Travel with Family Tips in Bali for Safety and Excitement

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Bali has been the top choice for holiday. It is an island with various tourist attractions. You can enjoy beach and water-based activities. After that, you explore restaurants to enjoy food and relax with traditional massage.

Moreover, you must explore more nature attractions such as waterfall, lake, river, and volcano. If those are not enough, Bali also provides temple and museum. In general, tourists can find almost many things.

You can visit alone or with friends. Bali has accommodations from the cheapest to the most luxury ones. Moreover, this place is also kid-friendly which means parents can bring their kids to enjoy Bali.

Of course, that’s not as simple as you let them go around in your neighborhood. Before visiting directly, it is necessary to know to travel with family tips in Bali. The next section will explore more about this topic.

Planning and Preparation

Planning and Preparation for Travel with Family Tips in Bali

Planning a trip with kids sounds an exciting thing to do. The real situation is you must consider many things. You visit the place with different language, custom, and culture.

If you just go alone, there is no issue. With kids, parents must put extra precautions. You do not want one small issue leads to big trouble.

1. Destination

Bali may look small, but this place has tons of destinations. One regency or city has several interesting spots to visit.

Firstly, you need to decide where to go specifically. Make list containing some tourist attractions that you and the kids have interest. Discuss and take vote.

2. Schedule

The next thing to prepare is time and schedule. Holiday is definitely the best option. Bali is part of Indonesia, the country with warm climate. You will not find extreme high temperature during summer or snow in the winter.

It has two seasons, dry and wet. Mostly, tourists will pick March until August due to less rain. Avoid November until February because more rains in Bali.

3. Budget

Budget is the crucial part in this trip. The Parent allocates more money when bring the kids. In general, visiting Bali with a toddler is more expensive than teens.

As you know, teens can act as usual tourists. They understand the rule and how to behave. On the contrary, you pay extra when bringing kids with age less than 10 years old. If you want to enjoy Bali, make sure the budget is enough.

The good news is Bali has several affordable accommodations. As long as comfortable enough, you will not find any issue. Avoid cheap hotels that are usually for backpacker and solo travel.

Those are not suitable for the kids unless you give them excellent understanding.

4. Travel insurance

The next part is travel insurance. You prepare everything but an unexpected situation might occur. In that case, it is better to be ready than having severe damage without a proper support.

With insurance, you will get financial protections regarding health, accident, damage, injury, and death.

5. Passport and visa

Preparation is done after passport and visa are ready. This one is not issue because Bali is already popular as tourist destination. You may not need a visa at all. Check again all legal documents before departing from your home.

Tourist Destinations in Bali

Tourist Destinations in Bali

Travel with family tips in Bali includes some interesting places you can visit and enjoy. Due to the vast catalog, you may start from the most popular attractions in Bali. They have family-friendly activities and attractions.

1. Sanur

Sanur is always the first place people visit when visiting Bali for the first time. Mostly, you will enjoy the beach. Kids can enjoy several activities. Moreover, Sanur has excellent restaurants. Check map to know more spots that worth your time.

2. Legian and Kuta

As similar to sanur, Legian and Kuta are also the most visited places in Bali. You will find area with kid-friendly support. After exhausting activity, kids may relax and rest including enjoying the foods. Both have some interesting spots that your kids will like the most.

3. Nusa Dua

Nusa Dua is the next destination with kid-friendly accommodation. That place has many hotels and resorts for private holiday.

If you want a peaceful holiday, this one should be on your list. The kids can play in the resort. You do not need to worry about safety and security.

4. Ubud

After enjoying beach and sea, it is time to alter the atmosphere. Patents should bring their kids to Ubud. The place is in the mountain so that you will see forest, waterfall, river, and more nature scenery. Ubud has several temples and art museums. They are the best destinations for the kids.

Getting around

Getting around travel with family tips in Bali

To support your journey, travel with family tips in Bali will include how you go around easily. The answer is two ways. You can use taxi and rentals.

1. Taxi

Taxi is the transportation you can find easily. Usually, most tourist destinations have specific spot where many taxis are available. You just order and they will arrive then bring your family to the right destination. You must pay more due to the fare is quite expensive.

2. Rental car

Rental car seems to be the best option for family trip. You can rent a car including a driver. You just pay based on duration such as 12 hours or a day even a week.

With rental car, you become more flexible while visiting one destination to the other. Moreover, price is less expensive. As an alternative, you consider Uber or grab.

Extra Tips

Extra tips for travel with family in Bali

1. Safety

Bali is dedicated for tourism, which means safety is not issue. However, family must avoid certain areas with high risk. When doing preparation, you conduct research to know more about this one.

2. Health

Visiting during dry season is the best option. You and the kids do not have an issue regarding weather. After travel insurance, bring necessary supplies especially when kids play in a high-risk area.

3. Foods

During a family trip, parents should encourage their kids to try local cuisines. The good news is Bali has many foods that will satisfy your preference. You just pick and try a new one every day for more experience.

Travel with family tips in Bali is not complex as you expect. The place is already for tourist from various types. You can visit alone or with family. Moreover, Bali also has some new attractions specifically for the kids. Therefore, you can enjoy the holiday ultimately.

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Lalu Andika Dwi Syahputra Hello, my name is Andika. I come from Sumbawa Besar, West Nusa Tenggara, and fell in love with photography when digital SLR cameras started booming. now I like to take photos of both the beach or other natural beauty around me, with this blog I contribute to introducing the beauty of the beach and nature around me, especially West Nusa Tenggara.

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