Yulina Hi, my name is Yulina, born in Malang, I am a wife who really loves tourism, especially the beach, and loves to cook too. I grew up on the Sumbawa Island, West Nusa Tenggara. I am a writer for this blog, enjoy the story guys.

Want to Visit a Valencia Beach? Here Are the Top 5 Beaches and Top 10 Places to Stay

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Valencia Beach

Valencia is a coastal city. Being a coastal city, it has lots of beaches. What’s interesting about the beaches is that there are various kinds of beaches catered to different tourists. Interested in visiting a Valencia beach? Here we listed the top 5 beaches in Valencia and the top 10 places to stay.


Valencia has many beaches. Here we listed the top 5 beaches. They are Las Arenas, El Cabanyal, La Malvarrosa, Pinedo Pueblo, and El Saler. Each of these beaches is unique and offers different things.

1. Las Arenas

Las Arenas Valencia Beach

Looking for a beach where you can also enjoy the uptown life? Go to the Las Arenas beach, then. It is one of Valencia’s most urban beaches. Besides water activities, you can watch the sunset, feast on the best cuisines and enjoy the amazing sight, get a drink in the seaside bars, and dance in a club.

2. El Cabanyal

El Cabanyal Valencia Beach

There are many things you can do on El Cabanyal. No, seriously. This is a Valencia beach that you wouldn’t want to miss if you like doing activities.

From exploring the traditional life by the sea, touring the beach’s old fisherman’s quarter, exploring a mast ship ride to taking a pedal ride, there are just so many fun activities in El Cabanyal.

3. La Malvarrosa

La Malvarrosa Valencia Beach

Located right by Valencia city, La Malvarrosa beach is a fun place to be. Since it is close to the city, you can enjoy old town charm, city attractions, excellent restaurants, and, of course, tapas, nearby. Take a sailing course, stroll along the beach, or eat ice cream and relax.

4. Pinedo Pueblo

Pinedo Pueblo Valencia Beach

This beach is situated next to the town of Pinedo, at the south of Valencia’s port. Pinedo Pueblo beach is known as the place of farmers and fisherman. The beach is quite long, stretching for about 1.5 kilometers. The beach is less crowded and quieter but you can find a few restaurants and bars here.

5. El Saler

El Saler

El Saler is an even quieter beach. It is all about unexplored terrain, sand, and dunes. There are only a few facilities on the beach. If you don’t mind these, El Saler is the perfect place to basking in the sun and enjoy the quiet surrounding and the sound of waves.

Speaking of beach, Miami, similar to Valencia, is home to various kinds of beaches too. Each Miami Beach offers something unique. It is worth checking out.

Valencia Beach Hotels

When it comes to places to stay, you have a wide range of options. From affordable apartments and hotels to upscale hotels and resorts. We include each of these options, so you will be more informed to decide where to stay on your vacation in Valencia.

1. Patacona Resort Apartments

Patacona Resort Apartments

Hotels and resorts are not the only places to stay on a Valencia beach. There are apartments, too. For example, the Patacona Resort Apartments.

These apartments offer quality beachfront facilities, a well-organized living room, a kitchen, and a bathroom. There are also a cafeteria, restaurants, and ample parking space.

2. ApartUP Patacona Deluxe

ApartUP Patacona Deluxe

A modern apartment that accommodates up to 4 persons. This apartment offers a bay window with sea views, a lounge, and a parking space.

The rooms in this apartment consist of a main bedroom with a double-sized bed, a second bedroom with two single beds, a kitchen, a sofa, an HD TV, and a hydro massage shower.

3. Sunrise Apartments

Sunrise Apartments

Sunrise apartments are beachfront apartments. Meaning, you can have a clear view of the sea. Although they are situated near the sea, you can get to the city within a 15-minute drive. Like other apartments on the list, these apartments’ rooms are well-equipped as well.

4. Hotel Miramar

Hotel Miramar valencia Beach

If you’re looking for a relatively cheaper hotel that offers good services, Hotel Miramar is worth checking out. Although it is a two-star hotel, it is well-equipped with air-conditioned rooms with free Wi-Fi, a beach bar, and a restaurant.

The hotel is also located near the Malvarrosa beach, Aqua Shopping Center, and Prince Felipe Museum of Sciences. It is a good place to stay if you want to enjoy both the city and the beach.

5. Sol Playa

sol playa

Sol Playa is a beachfront hotel situated on the Las Arenas beach. It is among the most inexpensive hotels in Valencia beach. From this hotel, accessing the Mediterranean Sea and El Turia is easy. If you’re traveling on a budget, considering staying in Sol Playa.

6. Hotel Gabbeach

Hotel Gabbeach

A beachfront hotel situated near Malvarrosa beach. The hotel offers soundproofed guest rooms with comfortable beds and TVs, free Wi-Fi, free breakfast, and dry cleaning services.

The hotel is also close to Oceanografic Aquarium, Valencia Port, and City of Arts and Sciences. This allows you to enjoy not only the beach but also these attractions easily.

7. Meraki Beach Hotel

Meraki Beach Hotel

Unlike the other hotels on the list, this one is an adults-only hotel. Because of this, the hotel is an ideal choice for couples who spent their holiday together. Want to enjoy the food and/or the view? This hotel has a restaurant that serves various Mediterranean dishes and a bar on the rooftop.

8. El Coso

El Coso

With its impressive colonial designs, the El Coso hotel certainly stands out from the rest. The hotel has various modern facilities, from TV, internet, a hot tub, and even a hydro massage bath, in every single room.

El Coso also offers local paella and lots of Mediterranean dishes. If you like the warm weather of Valencia beach Spain, this is a good place to stay.

9. Hotel Neptuno

Hotel Neptuno

This is one of the best hotels to watch the beach in the morning light. Yes, it is a beachfront hotel. When you wake up in the morning, you can see the beach directly. It also offers various services such as well-furnished rooms, a small spa, a gym, and others, so their customers can enjoy their holiday.

10. Las Arenas Balneario Resort

Las Arenas Balneario Resort

The last one is a Valencia beach resort. Being a resort, it offers many more facilities than apartments and two- and three-hotels.

The rooms are well-decorated with each having a flat-screen TV, a private bathroom with a hairdryer. The hotel also has facilities like a games room, meeting place, lounge, and a kid’s play area.

Not only there are various kinds of beaches in Valencia, but there are also various places to stay. From cheaper alternatives like apartments and two- and three-star hotels to luxurious ones like upscale hotels and resorts.

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Yulina Hi, my name is Yulina, born in Malang, I am a wife who really loves tourism, especially the beach, and loves to cook too. I grew up on the Sumbawa Island, West Nusa Tenggara. I am a writer for this blog, enjoy the story guys.

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