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Why You Should not Skip Skaha Beach When at Penticton

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Why You Shouldnt Skip Skaha Beach When at Penticton

Need vitamin sea while visiting Penticton, Canada? This city has seven amazing beaches, but Skaha Beach is one that you should never skip. Let’s get to know what you can find when exploring this one.

The location of the Skaha beach

Skaha is a public beach located in Okanagan Valley along with other six beautiful beaches around. Hence, when you haven’t been satisfied after visiting one, you can move to the other beaches nearby.

here is the maps.

Situated at the Skaha Lake Road, this beach belongs to the part of Skaha Lake Park. Both the beach and park location hold 21 acres.

Sits at the southernmost of Penticton City, the coastline of Skaha is smaller compared with other beaches in this city. That’s why the atmosphere of Skaha is less hectic than its other counterparts.

This beach is exceptional because it has a more coarse and reddish color of sand. It creates a beautiful view that is much different from other nearby coasts.

While visiting Skaha, people can enjoy wading or swimming in the warm low waters of Skaha Lake or hiking the trail inside Skaha Lake Park.

As it lays in a park setting, this beach location has more green space which is more peaceful for those who are looking for a nature to escape from their busy activities.

Skaha Beach offers easier access for parking as against Okanagan Beach which is located on another edge of Penticton City.

What to do at Skaha Beach

Skaha seashore is more family-friendly because it has various facilities where families can spend a fun time together. Here, several interesting activities you can enjoy at the beach.

1. Games play for kids

There is a reason why Skaha is claimed to be a family-friendly beach. It has a water splash park and playground where children and teens can try a wide variety of games.

Games play for kids at skaha beach

Many slides and a couple of floating docks are available for kids around the beach.

Teens can channel their energy through various ball games such as beach volleyball, basketball, hockey ball. There are also tennis courts and a softball field. Meanwhile, children enjoy running in a huge green park in this area.

2. Swimming

Swimming at skaha beach

People like to enjoy the beauty of the beach through swimming. Most beaches in Okanagan don’t have lifeguards. However, it is well guided by the presence of signs and buoys so that people still able to swim safely.

3. Walking around

Renowned with its half-mile long coastline and warm atmosphere, Skaha Lake beach offers a walking path sideways the lake. It’s a perfect place to enjoy jogging in the morning with your dogs or even a peaceful evening stroll.

Walking around at skaha beach

You also can try different experiences in exploring these paved pathways through cycling.

4. Enjoying meals

If you don’t want to move around, there are plenty of picnic tables around the beaches where you and your family can enjoy meals together.

Enjoying meals at skaha beach

Otherwise, many big shady trees will protect you during hotter days when you are underneath munching food or just admiring the idyllic view.

5. Playing with an iconic sundial

At the beach, you can discover a structure on the sand to measure time using the position of the sun. The name of this structure is Skaha Timepiece that was established in 1984.

Playing with an iconic sundial at skaha beach

It’s also called as analemmatic sundial because it uses analemma for the measurement. It’s a technique to measure obvious solar time. Stand around the sundial and your shadow will show Pacific Standard Time.

6. Joining Peach fest

In August, Skaha Beach holds the annual Peach fest where it turns into a showcase for people to compete in making sand art.

Joining peach fest

During this time, you can join the completion or explore the entire beach to see the incredible sand pieces. Other events are usually conducted at the beach as well such as the Dragon Boat race in the summer.

What to enjoy near the beach

If you want to experience more tranquility, just go to the southern part of Penticton City. Alongside Skaha Lake to Okanagan Falls, there are some interesting places to stop by.

There are few wineries that worth visiting if you are curious about the making process of wine.

There is also Pentage Winery where people can buy a bunch of fresh and tasty wines at Penticton.

Not to mention, the famous Blasted Church Vineyard produces more than 25,000 boxes of wine every year. It’s a great place to visit especially for those who are in a wine club.

Where I can sleep for a few days? Skaha beach resort provides both deluxe facilities and an incredible natural view.

Alternatively, just a stone’s throw from the beach, you can discover various kinds of motel accommodations at more affordable prices.

This beach is an ideal location for those who love camping. There are a couple of nice recreational vehicle (RV) parks where people can stay overnight or more.

Several awesome local campgrounds can be found in Penticton which can be easily accessed from the beach and park.

Some local accommodations are closed during a certain time because they only offer short-term services. However, you’re still able to find numerous long-term accommodations that provide services year-round.

The prices are mostly higher from May to October because it’s the peak season. The majority of motels in Penticton are dog friendly as they provide guidelines for it.

Before visiting any destination, it’s important to verify the pet policies previously.

If you don’t want to get sand in your feet, just explore Skaha Lake Park. Capture your moment with family at some fascinating spots at the park.

Children prefer to stop momentarily near the duck pond to enjoy the chill atmosphere while watching a group of ducks bathing at the pond.

As the implementation of the pilot program succeeds, liquor is now allowed at Skaha Park.


skaha beach

Although the park and beach are open throughout the year, planning before the visit is important because it helps you to know how and where to spend your days while visiting Skaha Beach.

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Yulina Hi, my name is Yulina, born in Malang, I am a wife who really loves tourism, especially the beach, and loves to cook too. I grew up on the Sumbawa Island, West Nusa Tenggara. I am a writer for this blog, enjoy the story guys.

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